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Happy Friendship Day Wishes SMS in English 2017

Happy Friendship Day Wishes SMS in English 2017:

The friendship day, of course, I’d one day that we must choose to celebrate. Friends definitely matter the most to us. They are with us in various situations. They stick by us thick and thin and definitely, this ensures that they are providing us with our support.

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It is absolutely why celebrating the Friendship Day 2017 really matters a lot. People can choose from the various gifts no wonder. These gifts represent memories and obviously best wishes as well.

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It is absolutely why one must make sure that the Friendship Day Wishes that they are sending their friends are not without the gifts.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes SMS in English 2017

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Happy Friendship Day Wishes SMS in English 2017

1) Friends Are Born, Not Made. Happy Friendship Day.
2) Of My Life… That You Are And Always Be!Happy Friendship Day!!
3) Where There Are Friends, There Is Wealth.Happy Friendship Day Wishes…
4) Your Friend Is The Man Who Knows All About You And Still Likes You.
5) A Single Soul Dwelling In Two Bodies!!Thanks For Being Such A Special Part
6) Every Gift From A Friend Is A Wish For Your Happiness Happy Friendship Day Wishes
7) We Should Behave To Our Friends As We Would Wish Our Friends To Behave To Us.
8) But In Having Friend Like You A Precious Gift From God. Happy Friendship Day.
9) Am I Not Destroying My Enemies When I Make Friends Of Them? Happy Friendship Day.
10) If You Ever Need A Hand you Will Always Find Mine Happy Friendship Day Dear Friend!!
11) True Friendship Is Seen Through The Heart, Not Through The Eyes. Happy Friendship Day.
12) True Friendship Is Like Sound Health; The Value Of It Is Seldom Known Until It is Lost.
13) Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity. Happy Friendship Day Wishes.
14) If You Ever Need A Hand…  You Will Always Find Mine  Happy Friendship Day Dear Friends!!
15) A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World Walks Out.  Happy Friendship Day…
16) Friendship: A Building Contract You Sign With Laughter And Break With Tears. Happy Friendship Day Wishes
17) Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light.  Happy Friendship Day…
18) Thank You For Touching My Life In Ways You May Never Know.  My Riches Do Not Lie In Material Wealth,
19) Friends Are Those Rare People Who Ask How You Are And Then Wait To Hear The Answer.  Happy Friendship Day.
20) Life Is Partly What We Make It, And Partly What Is Made By The Friends Whom We Choose Happy Friendship Day Wishes
21) Make Many Friends But No Best Friend Because They Are The One Who Hurts You The More. Happy Friendship Day…
22) Friendship Is Nt Abt Who Came D First Or Who Cares D Best Bt Its All Abt Who Came Nd Neva Left. Happy Friendship Day.
23) Friendship Is Like A Violin; The Music May Stop Now And Then, But The Strings Will Last Forever. Happy Friendship Day Wishes
24) A Friend Is Sweet When Its New, Its Sweeter When It’s True, And You Know, It’s Sweetest When It’s You. Happy Friendship Day Wishes.
25) The One Who Likes You Most, Sometimes Hurts You,  But Again He Is The Only One Who Feels Your Pain. Happy Friendship Day…
26) Friendship Is Not A Big Fire Which Burns All Day. It’s A Small Lamp, That Burns Till The Last Day Of Life. Happy Friendship Day Wishes.
27) A True Friend Is Someone Who Knows There’s Something Wrong Even When You Have The Biggest Smile On Your Face. Happy Friendship Day.
28) Friendship Is The Most Pure Relation In The Universe.I Love To Share My Thoughts To Someone Whom I Can Trust. Happy Friendship Day.
29) It’s Not An Achievement To Make 100 Friends In A Year, But An Achievement Is When You Make A Friend For 100 Years.  Happy Friendship Day Wishes.
30) Friendship Is Unnecessary, Like Philosophy, Like Art, It Has No Survival Value; Rather Is One Of Those Things That Give Value To Survival.
31) Friends Are Like Shoes, Some Lose Some Tight, Some Fit Just Right, They Help U As U Walk Through Life. Thanks For Being My Size!Happy Friendship Day
32) When Does A Friend Become A Best Friend?  When His Dialogue, I Care For You Converts Into I Will Kill You If You Don’t Care For Me   Happy Friendship Day…
33) The Relation Between One Heart And Another Heart Is Called Love,  But The Relation Between Heart And Heartbeat Is Called Friendship.   Happy Friendship Day Wishes.
34) Each Friend Represents A World In Us, A World Possibly Not Born Until They Arrive, And It Is Only By This Meeting That A New World Is Born.  Happy Friendship Day.
35) My Riches Lie In Friendship And Not In Wealth,  Your Friendship Has Changed The Meaning Of Life To Me, Your Such A Wonderful Gift That God Has Given Me. Thank You.
36) Friendship Is A Gift That Is Fair In All Things. It Roots From One’s Heart And Involves Memories That Stay Not For A While But For A Lifetime.  Happy Friendship Day…
37) I Thought U Were Busy …So Did Not Want To Disturb U.  This Thought Is The Main Reason Behind Most Broken Friendship So Keep Disturbing Ur Friends Happy Friendship Day Wishes
38) Being A Friend Is Not Just Sharing A Joke, A Conversation, A Cup Of Coffee Or A Funny Story. It Means Sharing An Honest And True Part Of Yourself.   Happy Friendship Day.
39) Friendship Is Not A Game To Play, It Is Not A Word To Say, It Doesn’t Start On March And Ends On May, It Is Tomorrow, Yesterday, Today And Every day. Happy Friendship Day Wishes…
40) We Met It Was Luck! We Talked It Was Chance! We Became Friends It Was Destiny! We Are Still Friends It Is Faith! We Will Always Be Friends It’s A Promise! Happy Friendship Day…
41) I May Have Forgotten To Say That I Care. I May Have Failed To Open Up And Share, But Through No Words Have Been Spoken, My Promise Of Friendship Won’t Be Broken. Happy Friendship Day.
42) You Are The Sweetest Friend That Anyone Can Have. Thank You For Coming Into My Life And Making It Brighter With Your Friendship. Hope We Always Stay Together. Happy Friendship Day To You.
43) Relationships Are Meant 2 B Broken But Friendship Is 4Ever Ever.Ever ..Ever . N Friendship Can Even Turn In2 Relationship But Relationship Can Not Turn In2 Friendship   Happy Friendship Day…
44) You Are A Special Gift Of God As You Have Always Been At My Side, No Matter In Good Or Bad Times. Your Friendship Is Special To Me And So Are You. So Wishing You A Wonderful Life And A Happy Friendship Day Wishes.
45) Wishing A Very Happy Friendship Day To My Dearest Friend. Though I’M Not There Today With You But My Best Wishes And Love Will Always Be With You. Hope You Touch Many New Heights In The Future And Make Me Feel Proud.
46) May God Bless You With A Long Life Full Of Happiness And Joy? Hope Your Each Day Is Lovelier And Most Special Like Me So That Our Bond Of Friendship Has Been Always Strong And We Continue To Be The Best Friends. Thank You And Love You A Lot.

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